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Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur

Make your way to the leading night club in Malaysia

MYR 100.00 to MYR 250.00
Average per pax
3 hour
Average Duration
Zouk is a place where music is celebrated. Here, you can meet urban KL-lites who share the same passion for music while dancing and socialising together!
What to expect?
Zouk basically is a hub of nightlife in Kuala Lumpur. Most of the people that do come to Zouk is because of the drinks and music. There ar... + More
What to bring?
Remember to bring your identification card for identity purposes because there is an age limit before entering the club. You have to be 21... + More
What are the facilities provided?
  • Toilet for female and male is provided.
  • There is a cafe bar that opens daily from 5pm onwards.
  • You can also enquire for a bottle service.
+ More
Who should I travel with?
Couple , Friends
Safety tips.
Remember to be aware of your personal belongings as the area might be crowded. Also, make sure to always drink responsibly so that you wou... + More
Insiders’ tips.
  • The price rate for entrance and drinks before midnight is cheaper than after midnight. Plan your time to visit here to spend smartly.
  • During weekends, crowds would be more than usual, and you might need to wait for a table, unless you come early.
  • On Wednesdays, they celebrate a weekly event names Ladies Night Out and ladies get to enjoy free drinks.
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