About gokayu

Gokayu is a seamless digital platform that combines all your travel needs. From getting inspirations, to planning, booking, socialising, and even during travel — gokayu aims to ease the journey for every traveller worldwide.

How it works

Our platform is grounded by every aspect of travel and tourism. We believe that the services and functions offered via gokayu will be able to cater different kinds of travellers worldwide by enhancing their travelling experience.

Get ready for your journey

We know that planning for a trip can be troubling, most of the time. Our key is to make everything simpler by keeping your items organised in one place. Right now you can book, plan, experience and socialize with travellers worldwide once you are a registered gokayu member.


Find flights and hotels for your upcoming trip


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Be inspired and connect with travellers worldwide

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Help us to connect travelers to the world. If you offer anything related to tourism, we want to work with you.