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Outdoor Company If you offer trips or packages for activities such as diving, camping, hiking, water rafting, kayaking, or other outdoor related activities. Sign me up!
Sports & Recreational Club If you offer community sports or recreational experiences such as golfing, expedition, horse riding, motorsports, extreme sports or any local hobbies. Sign me up!
Tour Organiser If you own or work for a company that can offer attractive tour packages and plans for travellers. Sign me up!
Instructor / Consultant If you are a qualified instructor or consultant for a specific activity or any unique expertise that you acquire. Sign me up!
Local Expert If you are an expert in certain field like arts, culture, history, entertainment, tourist spots, or familiar with the roads, fluent in local language, and can be a helpful guide for travellers. Sign me up!
Entertainment Provider If you are an art enthusiast, performer, painter, craftsman, photographer, event organiser, concert organiser or you can offer any fun and entertainment related services for leisure. Sign me up!
Hospitality Provider If you can provide a homestay or local accommodation, cook good food or prepare any kinds of local hospitality and unique experiences that travellers will appreciate. Sign me up!
Transportation Provider If you offer any transportation services such as bike or car rental, limo service, promotional public transport packages, or provide drivers that can ease one’s travelling journey. Sign me up!

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Extra income

Make extra income with what you enjoy doing for a living

Innovation opportunity

Opportunity to innovate your business with current travelling trends and latest web development

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Enhance your business-to-consumer approach

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Gain more exposure for your brand and services

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Provide an easier option for your customers with instant booking directly through our website


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