Malaysia / Penang

Cycling around Love Lane

On the trail for art, coffee and bicycles around Georgetown

MYR 8.00 to MYR 16.00
Average per pax
3 hour
Average Duration
Spend a fun time exploring the streets of Love Lane and other bicycle friendly trails around Georgetown to discover its many hidden gems.
What to expect?
There are many legends on how ‘Love Lane’ got its moniker, the most popular one; it was the site where rich men kept their mistresses. Tod... + More
What to bring?
Cycling in Penang may be fun and healthy, but it all depends on the weather. Some days it can be really hot, and on some days it could be... + More
What are the facilities provided?
There are a lot of bicycle lanes popping up in Penang, although most riders are using it for their leisure rides. Designated bicycle parki... + More
Who should I travel with?
Couple , Friends , Family
Safety tips.
Although the general traffic situation in Love Lane looks pretty safe, it is always good to practice road safety at all times. Stay on the... + More
Insiders’ tips.
For the strong willed cyclist in you, there is a Round-Island route from Georgetown’s Pengkalan Weld, curling around the foothills of Bali... + More

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