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Fairy Caves

Step into a hidden world at the magical Fairy Caves!

MYR 0.00 to MYR 5.00
Average per pax
1.5 hour
Average Duration
Not available
A peaceful exploration into the caves as you hear the trickling water sounds and see mossy green patches along with sunlight rays piercing through the ceiling.

Operational Hours

Monday 08:30 am  to  04:30 pm
Tuesday 08:30 am  to  04:30 pm
Wednesday 08:30 am  to  04:30 pm
Thursday 08:30 am  to  04:30 pm
Friday 08:30 am  to  04:30 pm
Saturday 08:30 am  to  04:30 pm
Sunday 08:30 am  to  04:30 pm
Despite being out of the spotlight as a tourist attraction, the 3-storey high Fairy Caves still has a lot to offer its visitors. To access the entrance of the cave, one has to traverse a 4-storey high staircase followed by a narrow passage and steep wooden steps. The passage then opens with the light flooding in to reveal the true scale of the cave. It’s mostly home to bats and their smelly droppings (guano) and a few swiftlets.

A look around the cave uncovers the sharp and oddly shaped stalactites and stalagmites formed thousands of years ago. Some Buddhist and Taoist devotees also come here to light joss sticks for prayer as some of the structures resemble the Goddess of Mercy deity.
Head to north of the Fairy Caves for about a 10-minute drive to explore the Wind Caves and spend at least an hour to explore the cave. The uniqueness of the Wind Caves are the numerous swallows who reside here and their coveted bird’s nests which is harvested for human consumption and is considered a healthy delicacy. You can also get a glimpse of the Sarawak River from here.
Sling your camera along for some great shots of the cave entrance as well as some of the statues the local Buddhist community prays to. The bats deeper inside the cave gives you the opportunity to photograph them in their nocturnal state as well!
Couple , Friends , Family , Group
The Fairy Caves are located 5km away from the nearest town, Bau, and 50 minutes away from Kuching City. The easiest way to enjoy a hassle-free trip to the caves is to sign up with a tour operator to bring you to the area. Most packages also include lunch and a trip to the Wind Caves. 4 pax is ideal to fit a van for the tour.

Alternatively, you may opt for bus #2 from the Bau Transport Company which can take you from Kuching to Bau with a frequency of 30 minutes. From Bau Bus Station, you can take bus #3 to the caves directly (tell the driver you wish to be dropped off there) with a frequency of 30 minutes as well. Do note that the schedules are loose and subject to change.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes as there are many steps you need to take to reach the caves. Ensure that they are also non-slip as some parts of the walkway inside of the caves can be slippery, especially when they are wet.
  • There isn’t many stores operating in the area, bring your own snacks and bottle of water and clean up before leaving. There are two toilets by the entrance.
  • Your flashlight on your smartphone should suffice. There are also headlamps available to rent for RM3 some days.
  • Wear a cap to prevent bat droppings from falling on your head during the walk.
  • A torch is essential if you plan on venturing inside further than the opening.
  • Either the Fairy Caves or Wind Caves may be closed temporarily during extreme showers or rainy seasons. Check with your tour operator for more information.
  • If you choose to book a tour operator, the average price range charged inclusive of lunch is from RM100.

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