Malaysia / Sarawak / Kuching

Trekking at Kubah National Park

Experience what true serenity feels like deep in the rainforests of Kubah National Park.

5.00 to 20.00
Average per pax
8 hour
Average Duration
Explore the lush greenery and crystal clear waterfalls of Kubah that will surely amaze you! Then, take a hike up Mount Serapi to quell your adventurous desires
What to expect?
Located just a mere 20km away from Kuching, Kubah National Park is paradise for a nature lover as it’s easily accessible and friendly to h... + More
What to bring?
  • Plenty of water for the duration of your stay
  • Change of clothes
  • Insect repellant
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What are the facilities provided?
  • Toilets
  • Rest areas
  • Lookout spots
Who should I travel with?
Solo , Couple , Friends , Group
Safety tips.
  • If a thunderstorm rolls in when you’re in the park, head to an open area.
  • Watch out for bees, wasps, slippery slopes and dead branches.
  • Do not smoke and improperly dispose of the cigarette butts as it can cause fires.
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Insiders’ tips.
  • Visit on weekdays if possible as there won't be too many visitors.
  • Night trips with guides only cost RM10 and only require you to have your own flashlight!
  • The hike to the waterfall is highly recommended as it is considered to be of moderate difficulty and brings you in contact with many wildlife creatures as well.
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