Kota Kinabalu

The land below the wind.

Beautiful mountains, thriving marine life and unique animals coupled with the city’s amazing music, food and people shows that KK is nothing short of paradise.
What to do there?
A trip to Kota Kinabalu isn’t complete without a visit to the Mari Mari Cultural Village, where you can get in depth knowledge of the ethn... + More
What to see there?
The Kota Kinabalu stands out as one of the many aesthetic attractions in the city with its scenic lagoon surrounding and eye catching a... + More
When is the best time to go there?
  • January - Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • March - Great time to see whale sharks as plankton is booming
  • May - Harvest Festival
+ More
Who should I travel with?
Solo , Couple , Friends , Family , Group
What to eat?
Roti Cobra, Yee Wat and Beef Noodles, Oyster sesame sauce chicken, fresh seafood, Grilled fish and lobster
Where to eat?
Kedai Makan Islamic Restaurant, Kuo Man Noodle House, Fatt Kee/Ang’s Hotel, Welcome Seafood, Kedai Kopi Yee Fung, Philippine Night Market + More
Useful local terms.
  • Selamat pagi/petang/malam. (Good morning/evening/night)
  • Thank you. (Terima kasih)
  • Welcome. (Sama-sama)
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Insiders’ tips.
  • Always haggle when it comes to taxis, crafts and touristy places. You can save nearly third of the price!
  • Don’t be tricked at the airport by people offering you rental cars, Kota Kinabalu town has a decent public bus system and the city is compact enough that you can walk to most places of interest.
  • Go for fresh seafood establishments by the coast, they have the freshest catch of the day.
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