East Coast Malaysia Discovery by Ikko

7 days



Trip overview


Backpacking trip with a group of 4 pax. Discover attractions and activities in east coast Malaysia in 2 states – Pahang & Terengganu.

Day 1 - Kuala Terengganu

Day 2 - Terengganu

Day 2 summary

To experience fun watersports and nature activities, you should totally consider visiting Kenyir Lake. We are planning to spend the whole day of fun here!

Day 3 - Terengganu

Day 3 summary

Today, we want to see a different side of Terengganu. We are staying in Redang Island for 1 night to explore the peaceful island. And yayyy, we are going for a diving trip!

Day 4 summary

Heading to Pahang. Reaching there in the evening so we can only cover Teluk Chempedak beach. Find some local food there for dinner.

Day 5 summary

The next day, we are going to hike Mount Irau. Trip starts early in the morning with a local guide and lasts the whole day .

Day 6 summary

Nature discovery at the biggest national park in Peninsular Malaysia. Prepare a set of clothes and drybag along.

Day 7 summary

Last day in Pahang before heading back home! Going for a quick morning cruise along the famous Lake Chini. Then, head towards Maran to check out Berkelah Falls.

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